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Application designed to complement the popular cloud storage service
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MediaFire Desktop is a client application designed to complement the popular cloud storage service. It uploads and syncs files from your computer to a MediaFire account automatically to make them available anywhere, from any device with Internet access. The application focuses on making uploads easier and puts a strong emphasis on file sharing and integration with social networks.

What MediaFire Desktop does is essentially create a folder in your computer that syncs its contents with the cloud. In this folder you can store any type of files and the application will upload them to the web automatically, immediately making them available online. From the MediaFire web interface, you will be able to open your files, view photos, read documents, and even play media directly from the web using its numerous integrated features.

Installing and setting up the application is very simple; during the process, a button is added to the system tray to notify you about the status of your uploads and shared files. It also integrates into the operating system by adding new entries to the context menu to let you upload, sync, and share any file with a click.

MediaFire's online storage service offers 50GB of free space to store all the files you want. More free space is added if you connect your account to your social networks accounts or download the mobile app. On the other hand, for users with demands above and beyond the basic service, MediaFire offers several options, including 1TB storage plans.

All that said, MediaFire is, without doubt, an interesting alternative in the competitive world of cloud storage services, and an application like MediaFire Desktop makes uploading and sharing files faster and more convenient. The application is currently available for Windows and Mac.

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  • New stable version.
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