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MediaFire Desktop 0.1 beta

Automatically uploads and syncs files from your PC to a MediaFire account
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MediaFire presents MediaFire Desktop, a client application that, as its creators put it, "was designed to complement the online storage service". Still in Beta stage but with a solid and stable performance, MediaFire Desktop automatically uploads and syncs files from your PC to a MediaFire account, making them available to any device with internet connection. It offers a bunch of handy features to simplify uploads and puts a strong emphasis on file sharing and integration with social networks.

One of the most obvious advantages of MediaFire over services like Dropbox and Google Drive is its free storage capacity. With a free MF account, you can obtain 50GB of space to store just about any file you want. What's more, that free space can be increased if you connect your account with your social network accounts or download the mobile app. Of course, several subscription plans are available for users who need additional storage space.

The sync application creates a folder in your PC that syncs its contents to your account. You can store anything from photos, documents, e-books, to music files and videos, since it supports around 200 formats. Every time a file is added to this folder, the application uploads it to the cloud making it immediately available online. It's important to highlight that the MediaFire online interface has been redesigned and now it's possible not only to store files, but also view photos, stream music or video, view and edit documents, among other features.

MediaFire Desktop also adds options to the Windows Explorer context menu to make uploading and syncing items easier. Options to copy a file URL or share files through Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ are available via this menu. Another nice feature is the screen capture tool, which lets you grab any part of the screen and add annotations to quickly share it online.

With its file sharing options and free storage space, MediaFire is certainly one of the most interesting alternatives in the world of cloud storage services. MediaFire Desktop is currently available for Windows and Mac.

Mariel Rearte
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  • 50GB (and more) with a free account.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Supports more than 200 formats.
  • Screen capture tool with annotation features.
  • Runs in the background and shows notifications


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